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Girls Who Bite Back is like a disco ball, breaking down the popular image of the female superhero into glittering shards and reflecting it back through a fractured lens. It takes apart the buxom sidekick and reconstructs her as a sturdily subversive lead. It’s more than an anthology; it’s a community in book form. Pohl-Weary has used her powers for good.
-Wendy Banks, Now Magazine

It’s way more Bikini Kill than Ani Difranco, and in all the right ways.
-Tom Lynch, New City Chicago

Emily Pohl-Weary prepares a bible of pop culture femininity. (…) If this is a feminist manifesto, then it’s a fair one.
-Sylvie Hill, Ottawa Xpress

The women of Girls Who Bite Back take no prisoners, inspiring awe and envy.
-Marti Trgovich, Venus magazine

Author Emily Pohl-Weary has a unique “superpower.” She can morph from indie press activist to pop culture junkie in the blink of an eye. With this dual nature, she was a perfect fit for her latest book, Girls Who Bite Back.
-Brett Lambert, Edmonton Sun

Girls Who Bite Back gets four fists in the air for: the feisty title; being passionate about pop culture, yet critical of its corporate agenda; including art and fiction that creates the kind of ground-breaking feminist superheroes we crave; and challenging girls to realize that we are all superheroes.
-Michele Collins, Shameless magazine

Your Basic Press Release
Taking on the bombshell spies, slayers, witches and assassins who are fighting their way into movies and television shows everywhere, Girls Who Bite Back examines what these new role models for young women are really about. KEEP READING

The Introduction by Emily Pohl-Weary
I have a super power. It’s the ability to morph from indie press activist to pop culture junkie in the blink of an eye. After being dormant for decades, my skill manifested three years ago. I blame that skinny blonde vampire slayer. With super-strength on her side, she pranced through dark streets and graveyards, snuffing demons who came after her in the shape of football players, fraternity boys, scientist zombies, her mom’s boyfriend and even the town’s mayor. In short, she won my heart. KEEP READING

A Little More Press
To read some of the articles that have been written about Girls Who Bite Back, visit the Press Section of the discussion board. It will be updated on a regular basis, with links to relevant writings.

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