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Related Goodies

Friends of Lulu
A nonprofit organization that promotes and encourages female readership and participation in the comic book industry. There are creator profiles, web comic recommendations and information about events.

Trina Robbins' website
Trina's been drawing comics and writing about female superheroes for over 30 years. And, hey, this is also the home of Go Girl!

Drawn and Quarterly
Canada's foremost indie comic publisher.

Darkhorse Comics
The largest American independent publisher of comics, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MOCCANY)
This institution doesn't exist yet, but imagine how much fun it would be to check out an entire museum of comics.

Kiss Machine: A Conga Line of Culture
A lit mag edited by Emily Pohl-Weary.

The Museum of Black Superheroes
Finally! A repository for information about action heroes in movies, comics and on TV that aren't white from Whitewash (1940s) to Storm.

Nancy Drew
The titian-haired sleuth who has detected her way into girls' hearts for almost 75 years.

Female Action Figures Lesson Plan
This isn't a joke: it's a serious lesson plan for a segment on heroines for grades 6 to 8, put together by some Toronto teachers on behalf of the Media Awareness Network..

The Comics Journal
and especially this essay by Ana Merino: Women in Comics: a Space for Recognizing Other Voices (translation by Derek Petrey)

Sequential Tart
A web zine about the comics industry published by an eclectic band of women.

Some Fun TV Shows
--Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so it's just an archive... sue me for being obsessed),
--Angel (Buffy's broody, haunted vampire boyfriend has his own spinoff),
--Alias (fun female superspy, even though she's all "Ooh, I love the CIA"),
--Charmed (three psuedofeminist witches face boy troubles... err... right wrongs),
--Dead Like Me (about an 18-year-old grim reaper).

Movies Worth Watching
--Charlie's Angels (close to soft-core porn, but produced by Drew Barrymore)
--Daredevil (a blind superhero, plus watch Electra's development)
--X-Men (lots of superbabes--both good and evil)

Yummy Comics with Worthy Heroines
--Love and Rockets creators Los Bros Hernandez
--Wonder Woman (ooh, bullet-deflecting bracelets and a lasso of truth...)
--Catwoman (is she a good gal or a bad gal? you decide...)
--Pheobe Glockner's website is a showcase for her incredible graphic novels.


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