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Sonja Elizabeth Ahlers lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She just finished her new big book, Fatal Distraction, the five-years-in-the-works follow-up to Temper, Temper, which is due in the fall of 2004. She just toured for a month with the Bookmobile Project/Projet Mobilivre - the world’s greatest project. She is about to turn off Missy Elliott’s “Love Will Freak Us” and “Enter the Bitch” to go watch the movie Foxes (again) and sew a Siamese twin angora fierce bunny. It is Saturday night.

Rose Bianchini has reincarnated many times as a youth worker, artist, editor, cultural creator, counsellor, writer and filmmaker. She believes that everything intersects if you look hard enough.

Shary Boyle’s practice is based in drawing and painting and extends into sculpture, performance and installation. She has exhibited and travelled internationally, setting up temporary studios from Avondale to Amsterdam. Her work has been published in magazines, comic anthologies and literary journals - most recently The Walrus, The Story of Jane Doe, Shift, L.A Times Magazine, Canadian Art, Fireweed, J&L’s Publications #2 and Starship. Boyle is currently working on porcelain figurines to be shown at Vancouver’s Or Gallery in March 2004.

Matthew Blackett is the cartoonist of m@b and a freelance graphic artist.

Princess Susan: Lightning Girl.Susan Bustos is a graduate student in biochemistry at the University of Toronto where she researches the structure of mutant proteins. Her contribution to this anthology is her first scientific publication. She lives in the Annex neighbourhood with her husband.

Sheila Butler is a visual artist and teacher. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad, the most recent a small group exhibition at Stichting Kunst and Complex, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in December 2002. Her work is included in Canadian collections such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, The University of Toronto and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Since 1989, she has been a member of the Visual Arts faculty at the University of Western Ontario, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in studio and contemporary theory and criticism.

Meagan Crump is a writer and the sole proprietor of Crump Industries.

Cowgirl Willow.Willow Dawson is a texturally expressive artist who specializes in mixed media and illustration with a dark, edgy style. She is currently studying illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Published works include Jezebelle, a six-issue self-published zine series of art and poetry, and Mother May I, the first of a four-issue comic book series on sexual assault written by Sarrah Young. Dawson has contributed art to Paul Sizer’s Little White Mouse, Open Space #4, and John Greiner’s Wheelchair Riot. She is currently developing a new book called Gypsy with writer Chaos McKenzie, and is illustrating her own autobiographical comic book/zine, Not Yer Princess.

Alyx, feeling super.A. M. Dellamonica had the kind of action-packed childhood that most people dream of, featuring actual plane crashes and the occasional long car trip. Her fiction first appeared in print in 1986 and - despite repeated washings - remains in circulation in a variety of locales, most recently On-Spec magazine. Her next anthology appearances will be in Alternate Generals III: The Many Faces of Van Helsing and The Faery Reel. Three other works can be found at Her 2002 Asimov’s Science Fiction piece, “A Slow Day at the Gallery,” is out in Year’s Best SF #8.

Candra K. Gill completed an MA in English literature and pedagogy from Northern Michigan University in December of 2002. She currently teaches college composition. Gill grew up in a home where speculative fiction novels, movies, television shows and magazines were regularly available, which resulted in her interest in the intersection between fandom and academia. She is a regular attendee of WisCon, an annual feminist SF convention for which she first wrote the piece that appears in this collection.

Super Nancy.Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Nancy Gobatto received her MA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor and is currently working on a PhD in Women’s Studies at York University (Toronto). Her writing has appeared in Zygote, Guidance and Counselling, Kiss Machine, The Green Tricycle, XX Magazine, Word: Toronto’s Literary Calendar, and Taddle Creek. She clings desperately to Angel as her remaining connection to the Buffyverse and sees her therapist once a week, usually on Mondays.

Hiromi Goto is the award-winning author of The Kappa Child and Chorus of Mushrooms. A collection of short stories, Hopeful Monsters, will be published in Spring 2004 with Arsenal Pulp Press. She also authored a children’s fantasy novel, The Water of Possibility.

Ottawa-based Eliza Griffiths is a figurative painter whose work navigates a psycho-socio-sexual terrain through a framework of invented characters. She was born in London, England, in 1965 and emigrated to Canada in 1973. She received a BFA (studio) from Concordia and has had solo exhibitions across Canada and the United States.

Midnight Nalo photo by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.Nalo Hopkinson of Toronto is a novelist, short-story writer and anthologist, and a chunky black chick in a skinny blonde world. Don’t even get her started on superhero women who seem to have high heels glued to their feet. Her new novel, The Salt Roads, visits with some kick-butt supernatural African women.

Kij Johnson has sold several novels, including The Fox Woman and Fudoki, and dozens of short stories. She won the Theodore A. Sturgeon award for best short story, and the International Association for the Fantastic in the Art’s Crawford Award for best new fantasy work of the year. She is currently at work on a new book, but she writes short fiction when she has the brain cells free. She lives in Kansas with writer Chris McKitterick.

Daniel in his cowboy outfit.Daniel Heath Justice is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation and was raised in that part of the Mouache Ute territory known as Victor, Colorado. He now lives with his husband in the traditional lands of the Wendat Nation, where he is Assistant Professor of Aboriginal literatures at the University of Toronto.

Super Sandra.Sandra Kasturi is a poet, writer and editor. Her most recent project is the speculative poetry anthology, The Stars As Seen from this Particular Angle of Night, from The Bakka Collection/Red Deer Press. Her poetry has appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including several of the Tesseracts anthologies, On Spec, Contemporary Verse 2, Prairie Fire and 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology. Kasturi has received four honourable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror and runs her own imprint, Kelp Queen Press. She has also won a Bram Stoker Award for her editorial work at the on-line magazine, ChiZine.

Larissa Lai was born in La Jolla, California to superhero immigrant parents, although she herself is, sadly, mortal. She grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and lived in Vancouver for many years. This story was written during her MA studies at the University of East Anglia in England in 2000. She has written two novels, When Fox Is a Thousand and Salt Fish Girl, which was nominated for the Tiptree Award, the Sunburst Award and the W.O. Mitchell Award. She was the winner of the 1996 Astraea Foundation Emerging Writer’s Award and the 2002 Xtra West Queer Heroes Award for Achievement in the Arts. Lai is currently working on her PhD in English at the University of Calgary.

Super Sophie, drawn by Willow Dawson.Sophie Levy is a writer, teacher, editor and all-purpose word-nerd. She has published a book of poetry, Marsh Fear/Fen Tiger, and a chapbook entitled These Are the Licks (cover art by superartist Willow Dawson), both available online. At Shebytches, you’ll also find her alter-ego, Pixie, casting a glitter-eyeshadowed eye over grrrl culture in T.O. Currently lounging in academia, she has no idea what she will be when she grows up, but her top three options are: International Woman of Mystery; Chair of Buffy Studies at the University of Somewhere with Good Weather; and, most likely, still an All-Purpose Word-Nerd.

Carma's sooo rad.Carma Livingstone believes if you close your eyes and concentrate really hard, you will start to see beautiful coloured lights. In this plane of existence, Livingstone is a documentary producer at CBC Radio. “Madame Mouth’s Little Get Together” is her first published fiction.

Judy MacDonald is working on her second novel, Solid. Her first book, Jane, is in development as a feature film. Felicity Grace would not have come to be without the inspiration of director Jerry Ciccoritti, the comic book genius of connoisseur Steve Cope, and the cheerful enthusiasm of editor Emily Pohl-Weary.

Marc Ngui studied architecture at the University of Waterloo. He now spends his days doing illustration, comics, diagrams, storyboards, animation, multimedia installations and performances. His first graphic novel, Enter Avariz, was published in 2002. To see more of his work visit

Paola Poletto is a mixed-media artist, arts administrator, poet and curator. She is co-curator of Digifest, an international digital media festival produced by the Design Exchange. Artist-curated projects include "Inflatable Museum" (on-line), "Girls and Guns" (Toronto-London, 2003) and "Robot Landscape" (Toronto, 2004). Exhibitions include "Rose Architecture" (Toronto-New York, 1999), "Moonscapes" (London-Toronto-Berlin, 2000), "Rockit Girl" (London, ON-Toronto, 2000) and "Language Hotel" (Winnipeg, 2000). Poletto is also co-founder of the independent arts and literature magazine, Kiss Machine.

Lisa right after completing her first half-marathon.Lisa Rundle is senior editor at The Walrus magazine and a columnist at Herizons. As a freelancer, she has written for Saturday Night, This Magazine, and The Toronto Star. She is a former editor of She has her Masters in Women’s Studies from York University and, with Allyson Mitchell and Lara Karaian, co-edited Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms (Sumach Press, 2001), an anthology filled with everyday superheroes. She is thrilled to have worked on this collection for Sumach with the supernatural Emily Pohl-Weary.

Lisa Smolkin was born out of original sin in Williams Lake, BC. She makes art in the context of healing, expression and her own aesthetic correctness. Her influences include women and girls who have been silenced, the movie White Nights, heaven and delicious wholesome foods. She lives in a Toronto basement with her delightful son Jackie Elijah Dream. Experience Lisa's contribution to Girls in full-colour as a web feature.

Nikki Stafford has written several books on sci-fi fandom and tough TV women, including Lucy Lawless and Reneé O’Connor: Warrior Stars of Xena (1998) and Bite Me! An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002). She has also edited two collections of fan stories, How Xena Changed Our Lives and Trekkers: True Stories by Fans for Fans (all published by ECW Press). She is working on two books for publication in 2004 on the television shows “Angel” and “Alias,” and lives in Toronto with her husband and two cats.

Super Carly.Carly Stasko, is a young grassroots activist, artist and educator who gives workshops in high schools and universities where she promotes critical thinking, confidence and civics. A former producer at CBC Newsworld’s counterSpin, Stasko is a facilitator of the Toronto Media Collective, a network of artists and activists who promote social justice. She publishes the zine uncool and is a contributor to Turbo Chicks: Talking Young Feminisms. She is also a board member for This Magazine; her writing and art have been published in magazines such as The Utne Reader, Canadian Dimensions, Fuse, Fireweed and This.

Catherine as Wonder Woman.By day, Catherine Stinson is a mild-mannered computer geek, book reviewer for Trade magazine, co-organizer of the Toronto Church of Craft and tea-drinker. By night, she plays a mean game of hockey, rides her bicycle at breakneck speed and likes to arm-wrestle in seedy bars.

La Mariko.Mariko Tamaki is a Toronto writer and performer currently kicking at the darkness till it bleeds daylight. Tamaki has published two books, Cover Me and True Lies: The Book of Bad Advice, and has appeared on stage with the likes of The Corporate Wet Nurse Association, Pretty Porky and Pissed Off, and TOA. Tamaki’s third book, Fake ID, is due out in the spring of 2005.

Sherwin's alter ego(s).Sherwin Tjia is a poet, painter and illustrator, and author of Pedigree Girls and Gentle Fictions (Insomniac). His work has appeared in Adbusters, Kiss Machine, Maisonneuve, dig, Geist, Trucker, Quarry, the Literary Review of Canada, Hive Magazine, Queen Street Quarterly, This Magazine, Crank, and Wegway. Lastly, he appears in the anthologies Career Suicide (DC Books), Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws (McGilligan Books), Sun Through the Blinds (Shoreline), Striking the Wok (TSAR), and The I.V. Lounge Reader (Insomniac). Visit Sherwin's blog.

Halli Villegas divides her time between Toronto, Detroit and Woodville, Ontario. She has published two books poetry, Red Promises (2001) and In the Silence Absence Makes (2004 ), both with Guernica Editions. Her work has appeared in The Fiddlehead, The Annex Gleaner, Surface and Symbol, ATQ and Pagitica in Toronto, among other publications. Villegas’s work has recently been translated into Korean and will be appearing in the Korean/English language magazine Variety Crossings. She is currently working on a novel.

Esther Vincent lives and writes in Peterborough. She tries to use her super powers for good.

Elizabeth Walker’s first crush was on a character from G-Force. She was five. Almost twenty-five years later, she lives and works in Toronto, where she is still a sucker for the dark hero in a cape.

The Fabulous Ms Whittall.Zoe Whittall is author of the book of poems titled The Best 10 Minutes of Your Life (McGilligan Books) and editor of Geeks, Misfits & Outlaws, an anthology of short fiction. She is writing a graphic novel with her partner Suzy Malik called Self-Serve and is finishing up a short-story collection titled Bottle Rocket Hearts.

Magda Wojtyra is a multidisciplinary artist and designer exploring the relationship between digital and traditional media, with a strong focus on colour. Her recent works include websites, digital art prints, textile art, custom colour jello sculptures, doll-making, furniture, interior design and theatrical backdrops. She has been published in Domus, Shift, Strut and Digital Journal Magazines. Magda studied architecture at the University of Waterloo.


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