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Cover of GWBB. Girls Who Bite Back is a Sumach Press anthology about women who fight back in popular culture. It contains work by 34 contributors and was edited by Emily Pohl-Weary.

Girls Who Bite Back is like a disco ball, breaking down the popular image of the female superhero into glittering shards and reflecting it back through a fractured lens. It takes apart the buxom sidekick and reconstructs her as a sturdily subversive lead. Pohl-Weary has used her powers for good.
--Wendy Banks, Now Magazine

PRESS FOR GWBB: Holy media response, Batman! More than 30 articles and reviews have been written about Girls Who Bite Back since it came out in April.

EAST COAST TOUR: Editor Emily Pohl-Weary, media tigress Carly Stasko, master ventriloquist Daniel Heath Justice, hammeriní superheroine Mariko Tamaki and other contributors to Girls Who Bite Back may well have hit your home town during their East Coast tour to TORONTO, OTTAWA, MONTREAL, BROOKLYN, CLEVELAND, CINCINNATI, CHICAGO and MADISON. tour info

Super Carly. WEST COAST TOUR: Listen to tour diary entries by Girls editor Emily Pohl-Weary, contributor Sonja Ahlers (Temper, Temper) and author Tamara Faith Berger (The Way of the Whore) as they wound down the west coast to launch Girls Who Bite Back in VICTORIA, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, SAN JOSE, PORTLAND, SEATTLE, BELLINGHAM, VANCOUVER and CALGARY (April 21-May 3, 2004). More info about the west coast tour here and here.

CBC Radio 3 
features Lisa Smolkin's Miniature Coloured Marshmallows. MINIATURE COLOURED MARSHMALLOWS: Lisa Smolkin's lovely and moving contribution to Girls Who Bite Back has been made into a feature story for CBC Radio 3's web magazine. more


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